RaptorX Carrier Class White Space Broadband Radio Dual Channel
raptorx-logo-dark RaptorX is the industry’s first Carrier-Class White Space broadband radio. RaptorX provides unlicensed access to 252 MHz (42 Channels) of prime regional VHF (174-216 MHz) and UHF (473-599 and 620-695 MHz) spectrum in the North American TV Band.
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Typical Broadband Network Ranges

5.8 GHz WiFi

2.4 GHz WiFi



Ranges represented in miles. For all comparisons: Tx Power: 27 dBm, Tx Ant Gain: 9 dBi, Rx Antenna Gain: 12 dBi, Antenna Height: 20 meters

The Power of White Space


In 2010 the Federal Communications Commission established rules allowing unlicensed radio transmitters to operate in the broadcast television spectrum when that spectrum is not used by a licensed service. Called “white space” this prime usable spectrum represents a significant amount of unused spectrum. Subject to certain basic rules the spectrum is ideal for providing the critical connectivity requirements of edge, middle-mile and wide-area industrial and commercial applications.

Accessing White Space Spectrum

All TV White Space (TVWS) radios use an approved FCC database provider to notify fielded devices of available VHF and UHF channels. Use these links to check out the availability of White Space spectrum in your area of operations:

  1. Google White Space Database
  2. Iconetiv White Space Database
White Space Channel Availability Heat Map
  • Nearly 90% of the continental lower 48 states have a minimum of 8 white space 6 MHz Channels per zip code.
  • Alaska, Hawaii and US Pacific Territories have 10-45 available channels.
  • In the US Virgin Islands there are 32 White Space channels.
  • Puerto Rico has 2-30 channels available.

Basic White Space Operating Rules

  • Antenna input power limited to 30 dBm (1 Watt), EIRP to 36 dBm (4 Watts)
  • At registration the RaptorX reports: FCC ID, location and antenna height
  • Every 24 hours RaptorX validates available channels

Channel Acquisition Process

RaptorX’s patented embedded spectrum management engine automatically registers and acquires all locally available VHF and UHF channels. Operating channel selection is manual or automatic. If an operating channel becomes unavailable RaptorX’s spectrum engine will automatically switch to an alternate channel.

White Space Broadband Radio Utilities
White Space Broadband Radio Rural Internet
White Space Broadband Radio Oil and Gas
White Space Broadband Radio National Emergency
White Space Broadband Radio Cruise Ships
White Space Broadband Radio Public Safety
White Space Broadband Radio Transportation
White Space Broadband Radio Homeland Security

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